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Tribhuvanesh Orekondy

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About Me

I’m Tribhuvanesh, a second year Computer Science Master’s student at ETH Zürich. Of late, I’ve been working in an interdisciplinary domain involving Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Distributed Systems. Specifically, distributed optimization of large margin structured prediction classifiers. I’m currently being co-advised for my thesis by Martin Jaggi, Aurelien Lucchi and Thomas Hofmann in the Data Analytics Lab at ETH.

Let me just get it out there – I love Machine Learning. One day, I want to wake up to sentient machines, with opposable thumbs and all. Not for our hedonistic pleasures, but rather so that we can aim for and embark on higher endeavours. Although being pranked, and falling backward into a cryogenic tube and being frozen for 1000 years is one way; I much prefer making any meaningful contribution, however tiny, to help us inch there. I maybe a sort of dilettante skeptic claiming that we are inching there, contradicting the progress made by current booming research in this field. But, we are so far away! Andrej Karpathy expresses this nicely in his post.

When I’m not spending computational time crunching data, I love to hack and develop solutions to everyday problems (often made-up). I sometimes use hackathons as an outlet for scratching this itch; I have already won a few, including Mashery Prize for Snipbase at PennApps X and cut it close some other times, like with what-i-cook-up.

Apart from this, I also love to travel, experience and learn from new cultures or escape from reality by hiking into the wilderness. Once a painter by a nice landscape told my friend - closely observing, looking for details and documenting it lets the experience stay longer within. This resonates with me. While I’d love to pick up painting skills in order to do this, I’m often on tightly packed schedules and need to keep moving. As a compromise, I try to compress the atmosphere and experiences at these places and squeeze it into the photographs, which I capture with a fancy toy. Check them out on Flickr. You might also notice these spread around the blog.

A bit about my past – I previously worked with the Associates Platform team at Amazon. Shortly before that, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore.